Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The YOU Effect

You may not have control, but you have influence: also known as your ability to effect the outcome.  That outcome is often dictated by the disposition you carry from day to day. This is because regardless of your belief system, the energy we keep and the law of attraction are very real contributors to our survival.

Our ability to thrive is heightened if we allow the chances of it happening to increase.  In other words, fostering behavior that is going to significantly improve the likelihood of a particular outcome taking place.

Good situations, outcomes, and even people generally gravitate toward positivity and constructiveness... It's for that reason that the law of attraction is very important when improving your chances for a quality outcome to play in your favor.

With that being said, I encourage you to identify your influence and evaluate how it's being used... Because it's only once you've become responsible and taken accountability for your influence that you can use it to your advantage.

Let's go!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Comeback Season

As a leader you must be able to recognize the power of your influence. Moreover, you must be able to recognize the type of energy your'e exuding most consistently.


Because as a leader people depend on you and your influence... It's your responsibility to make sure the energy your most consistently giving back is constructive.

When we allow ourselves to become defined by struggle our energy becomes toxic, and for someone who is looked at as a leader this is especially difficult.

That is why we must refuse to let our scars define us.... Because we all have the potential of taking on the responsibility of being a leader (even if it means the only person we're leading is ourselves).

That accountability can hold us to a standard; a standard that should be ambitious, goal oriented and grounded by quality.

Refuse to let your struggles define you - Hold yourself to a standard of excellence that includes a commitment to consistently maintaing a positive attitude and constructively achieving significance.

The ability to do this will automatically make you a leader of your individual efforts, and ultimately it will attract others so that you're not only positively changing your life, but constructively influencing others, too.

Be happy and keep it moving!

Monday, July 21, 2014


Inspiration is everywhere.

It exists in so many aspects of our lives, but in order to take advantage we first must identify with it.

That's why when we're inspired that inspiration should be acknowledged.

So many moments of clarity pass us by because we don't completely acknowledge them.

Understand the things that provide you passion, emotion and the motivation to be a creator.

Perspective is what allows us to see what's happening around us as opportunity.  Therefore, to have perspective is to give yourself a better chance at being inspired.

Experience things with the intention of using them constructively.

Remember, inspiration is everywhere: pay attention, and take advantage...

Happy Monday!