Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Motivational Doers

As we continue to move forward it's the experiences we create and interactions we have with others that help define the BlakeVic brand. With that being said, here is the text to last week's T.G.I.F. video:

"A little Sunday message to kick start your week on a good foot.

Now, I was talking to a friend about his ambition to get better.  He told me he was ready to shed the skin he was in and make a new one, a better one.

I responded, "like a snake".

But it got me thinking... Why do snakes shed their skin?

The primary reason is for growth, and learning this got me excited because it's a metaphor for what we speak about all the time. To be confident and comfortable in your own skin, and pursue growth with consistency...

To get better every day.

See, you should be comfortable in your own skin.

You should be accomplishing things that give you confidence to keep it moving...

And while you're doing this you should also be pushing your comfort zone.

Growing... shedding your old skin and maturing into the new.

That's the essence of this brand... We are motivational doers, we take action, we inspire through those actions and we encourage because we believe in your strengths.

Your opportunity to respect your gift and take your potential to the highest level.

To shed your old skin and grow into the new...

Every single day!

This brand is passionate about these messages because they've been inspired by our commitment to work, fight and overcome for the sake of happiness.

That's brand exists as your rock... Your reminder that the old can be shed and a new, better, stronger tomorrow exists.

But you must keep it moving... You must seize your opportunity... And you must never forget that True.Greatness.Is.Forever.

Let's go! "

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