Tuesday, April 22, 2014


We've referenced former Domino's CEO and current University of Michigan Athletic Director David Brandon's definition of a brand in prior posts...

"The definition of a brand is the promise of consistency."

Now, BlakeVicDotCom exists as a life-coaching and mentoring consultancy: To motivate and inspire.
This is accomplished by learning, engaging, sharing, encouraging and most importantly taking action.
Why? Because actions inspire! It's why we've introduced a new theme to our brand: "This is what I say, this is what I do."

At BlakeVicDotCom we are coaches, leaders, motivators and doers; we consistently take action.
We do it because it's our passion to serve as a rock for our followers. You can depend on us to lead the way and assist you in staying on track so your potential can be not only realized, but maximized.

Squad up and we'll do something significant together...

This is what we say, this is what we do!

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