Wednesday, April 16, 2014

#BVDC: Quotes

15 quotes from BlakeVicDotCom:

Read, take action and inspire...

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Every story begins with a blank canvas - Be more than just a character, be the creator.”

“Energy is your ammunition, stay kinetic!”

“Talk becomes valuable once your words take action.”

“The flame that shines brightest is the one that never stops burning.”

Here is the first set of quotes post #LoveLife - As this brand progresses we look for more ways to specifically represent both our passions and business.  Enjoy your first set of quotes focused on personal development, hash-tagged #BVDC:

“The blueprint for significance is drawn with consistency.”

“Adversity is opportunity in disguise.”

“Greatness can exist with individual effort, but the most significant achievements are accomplished collectively.”

“Talk a good game, play an even better one!”

“Be the reason people see good in others.”

“Identity is confidence to make decisions that make you happy. Don't look to others for influence, create your own.”

"Self-respect begins with your vision of personal worth, and ends with the perception of others appreciating the image you've created."

“If they opened you up all they'd find is heart, a big individual, in an average body, with the potential to be larger than life.”

“Opportunities come from a commitment to qualities that return on your investment: R.I.C.H." 
(Respect, Integrity, Character, Humility)

“Well rounded is dependent on the circle of people you surround yourself with.”

“Sometimes the inspiration we're looking for is as close as the four walls that surround us.”

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