Wednesday, February 19, 2014

See Through

Many of you are familiar with the tag-line 'I've Got A Story To Tell' used by our brand. The reason I've chosen to use this slogan as part of BlakeVicDotCom is because it has relevance.  We all have story; if that story relates to our passions, goals business, etc. it's important to share it. In terms of marketing, there is definitely something to be said for timing. So, moving forward I'm cautious of not allowing my past to overshadow my present. However, credibility is created when your work shows progression, and this video continues the momentum we're attempting to build... Not only in regard to transparency and how it relates to self improvement, but also so you have the insight to understand my past and how it's affected my passions going forward.

Check out the video, and stay tuned as we progress, share and constructively grow together!

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