Tuesday, February 4, 2014

#LoveLife: Quotes (The End)

For over a year I've been posting my passions, thoughts and interactions with others as quotes hash-tagged #LoveLife. The focus has always been branding, but since growing from a brand into a business it's important to build credibility through a consistent commitment to our passions and mission. 

So, with that, I will now hash-tag these quotes exclusive to our brand: #BVDC. Thank you all for your continued support.  I'm excited to keep this thing moving as collectively we continue to do something significant. 

Please enjoy the last set of quotes hash-tagged #LoveLife: 


“Don’t show up to be shown up, show up to be remembered!”

“Opportunity is dictated by the effort that creates it.”

“Actions over words, I plead the fifth.  It’s BlakeVicDotCom, respect your gift!”

“It takes yes to do something fun, but it takes sacrifice to achieve that which makes you better.”

“A healthy sense of pride allows you to get better and achieve with the help of others.”

“Time doesn’t make us better, it simply provides opportunity.  It’s effort (your vehicle) and consistency (the driving force) that will get you there.”

“The blind man walks further with faith, than the man with vision does on his own.”

“Passion is infectious – When just your energy has the ability to dictate the topic of conversation – that’s called influence.”

“Sometimes the road less traveled provides more than the one you’re on.  If you’re tired of the same results, change direction.”

“Progression means being able to look back and appreciate what’s behind you without returning there.”

“Passion is fire, fire is heat and even on the coldest days it’s that burning desire that fuels your drive and keeps you warm.”

“The destination is gratifying for one reason: The journey.”

“Failure is not your right to give up, it’s a privilege to try again.”

“Realized potential begins with the foundation that helps you achieve it.”

“The person who goes furthest is the one using their goals as mile markers, not a finish line.”

“Gaining influence begins with paying attention to those who already have it.”

“Don’t wait until the end to determine if it was a good day, decide from the start that it will be.”

“Take responsibility of you influence over cause and effect; being accountable grows integrity.”

“A plateau is simply a better view of the next peak.”

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