Monday, November 4, 2013

#LoveLife: Quotes (Autumn '13)

Motivation through written word... 

Here are the #LoveLife quotes for the last couple months. 

Apply them and do something significant! 


”Breathe life into your words… Take action.”

“Effort isn’t weighed in ounces… It’s weighed in commitment.”

“With Legendary Effort Greatness is Achieved through Commitment, and Years of hard work… LEGACY.

“Slow down - You may not win the race, but you'll finish, and when it's over you can appreciate what you experience along the way.”

“Perspective is a moment of clarity into a lifetime of happiness.”

“The cycle can be broken with just one turn in the opposite direction.”

“Go full circle, step outside the box and shape yourself into significance.”

“When confronted with negative energy it's the resilient that overcome; those who fight for success and strive for greatness.”

“Monday needs a pace car... Lead the pack!”

“Have patience for what you can't change, not the things you can.”

“We may sway, lean and even fall, but with solid values and quality people the foundation to rebuild will always remain strong.”

“Alphabetically speaking, I won't get discouraged because determined comes first.”

“Don't show up to be shown up.”

“Give me experiences that teach resilience, and the ability to appreciate happiness.”

“The view from the top is gratifying because of the journey it takes to get there... One step at a time.”

“There's no present like the present. Live for the day you're blessed to have.”

“If you're in second place make sure it's because you're chasing a goal.”

“Character is learned, it's earned. It can't be bought, only taught. It's defined by values, integrity and accountability.”

“The only thing that speaks louder than actions are results.”

“Never be afraid to let your frustrations motivate you to try something new.”

“It's when you understand the person you are that you'll have a shot at becoming the person you want to be.”

“Positive energy is perpetual... catch on and ride the current.”

“All your 'train' of thought should be telling you is, "I think I can!"

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