Wednesday, September 18, 2013

LoveLife: Quotes (Summer '13)

With the arrival of autumn it's time to recap a summer's worth of #LoveLife quotes. Enjoy!


"Grounded by humility, elevated by ambition."

“Moving forward: That's when you're taking steps in the right direction.”

“Healthy decisions, quality people = long term happiness.”

“Surround yourself with the kind of people that stand by your side as a testament to their character, and a belief in yours.”

“Truly blessed is not about what you've been given, it's about appreciating what you have.”

“Work to be well rounded... And then get your roll on!”

“The 'puzzle' is a whole lot easier to put together when you're working with the right pieces.”

“Face it, fight it and win.”

“Whatever your expectations for others, you must hold yourself to the same standard, that's accountability.”

“When it comes to your responsibilities be the jump shot... Follow through.”

“Follow the passions that give you goose-bumps, make your hair stand up, voice quiver and bring tears to your eyes.”

“In order to lead the pack you must separate yourself from it.”

“Time never stops moving forward, neither should you.”

“Attitude first, ability second.”

“Values should be unconditionally prioritized, never compromised.”

“Your cup is more likely to runneth over if you keep it half full.”

“Put some bounce in your step and elevate... Rise above it!”

“Being influenced is paying attention; having influence is leading by example.”

“Age is a number, wisdom is experience, living is learning and a year of memories is priceless.”

“Live outside your comfort zone; think outside the box.”

“An open mind is a great way to discover possibilities you may never have considered.”

“It's your responsibility to use your strengths, maximize your potential, commit to what makes you better & sacrifice what doesn't.”

“Empowered by encouragement: In control best when surrounded by those who support us most.”

“Emotions are powerful - The key is to channel them constructively; that's how you stay in control.”

“True happiness comes from never settling for anything less than what you deserve.”

“Pay it forward - not because you expect something in return - because it's the smallest gesture that makes the biggest difference.”

“Run... Not from your problems, but toward your goals.”

“No one is immortal, but we all have a shot at forever: Legacy.”

“Values motivate, priorities dictate and when they work together goals become reality.”

“If it's deserved it's because it's earned.”

“For some people being content comes from a lack of satisfaction; never settle.”

“Be the seasons... Make a change!”

“Your ability to respect others is drawn from the amount of respect you have for yourself.”

“Moving forward isn't as much about putting things behind you as it is focusing on whatever positives are on the horizon.”

“Perspective is vision - The most successful outcomes are seen through the eyes of experience.”

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