Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pay Attention

Content comes from experience so in order to speak with credibility we need exposure.  The concept of consistency is much easier than the application but understanding story comes from our efforts can propel us even further. We have to keep it moving because that movement creates an energy that can work in our favor... A kinetic energy that is your ammunition.  Here are some quotes or content that has been developed through experience, exposure and movement.


”Success requires a full commitment; a collective of consistent positive decisions that lead you in the right direction.”

“Vacation is simply an opportunity to do something significant from a different location.”

“A.B.C. Accomplishment Builds Confidence”

“Create your ‘title’ wave & ride the momentum.”

“You're existence is a work of art, be an artist, create a masterpiece.”

“An open mind will open doors - Consider the possibilities.”

“Every single one of us has been blessed with talents; it's our responsibility to positively use them.”

"You have to compete, success won't accept anything less..."

“Goals establish your road to success, but it’s your actions while traveling that road that will dictate your achievement.”

“The essence of motivation: When words become action.”

“Aging with grace is dependent on your ability to apply what you've learned.”

“A whole bunch of steps in the right direction will eventually become a rewarding journey down the road to success.”

“Everyone falls - Don't worry about doing it gracefully. Focus on getting up; your next opportunity begins with the comeback.”

“It starts with motivation & ends with achievement. In between is your story; make it one worth telling.”

Healthy... Only then can you expect to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

“Every rainy day needs contrast - Be the sunlight... Shine!”

“You can spend life focused on what you don't have, or you can embrace what you do and be happy using it to get better every day.”

“Positively making a difference in your own life: Gratifying ~ Positively making a difference in someone else's: Priceless.”

“Some say success never sleeps... I've learned that it does. But, only long enough to realize the dream."

“Before you just except your circumstances remember that you have the power to influence them.”

“The road to success begins with ambition, but can only be traveled with effort.”

“Fatigue is not a reason to quit, it's an opportunity to get better.”

“To those of you who think the sky is the limit I'd like you to meet my ‘rocket ship’.”

“Reputation is your social shadow - It reflects who you are, and follows you everywhere. You only get one, so take care of it!”

“Those who will get better are the ones that understand how to take full advantage of their opportunities to do so.”

“The commitment must be consistent.”

“When you feel like your effort has earned you the right to take a break... That's when you start working even harder.”

“Your mind is designed to overcome: Resilience is brilliance.”

“Slowing down shouldn't even be a thought until after you've completely crossed the finish line. Full speed ahead.”

“There should only be a few things more precious than your time. Time management is a full time responsibility.”

“Character: When someone commits to something with the understanding that success is dependent on consistency.”

“Strategy is important; execution is essential.”

“A strong team exists only when it consists of strong individuals.”

“You're a brand - With that privilege comes the obligation of consistent effort focused on reputation & a commitment to growth.”

“Your mind is the strongest part of your body... Use it!”

“Driven are the individuals who uses their free time to do something significant.”

“The piece of mind that exists in having faith is that you don't need to understand, just believe.”

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