Wednesday, February 6, 2013

#LoveLife: Quotes (January '13)

Here are the most recent quotes from the first month of 2013's #LoveLife series. It's pretty wild to think that I've been posting these for over six months. Thanks to everyone who has supported my passion. Keep working hard, success is right around the corner!


”Average is as average does: Set your own finish line. Great things happen when you exceed expectations.”

“Mediocrity hears the message; success adheres to it.  Pay attention, and apply what you've learned.”

“The first step is desire; you've got to want it.”

“In order to lead the pack you must first distance yourself from it.”

“1 resolution = 365 opportunities. Change comes when you commit yourself to it, every single day.”

“Patience is a virtue; waiting for things to happen is not. Prepare for the opportunity & when the timing's right, take advantage.”

“If you're not satisfied with the outcome, work harder. Don't get bitter, get better.”

“Your patience for success must be pro-active, so that when the opportunity presents itself you're ready to take advantage.”

“The key to momentum is productivity; you have got to consistently make it happen.”

“Leadership exists with the individual who's able to positively influence others.”

“From the power of perseverance comes confidence - Don't run from your opportunities to be mentally tough, embrace them.”

“If life were a jump shot, success would be determined by your follow through. Go the distance & finish strong.”

“Are you self sufficient, proficient or efficient? Never stop working to get the ultimate return on your investment.”

“Don't wait for opportunity; create opportunity.”

“A lesson learned means nothing without the application of experience.”

“The legacy you leave behind starts with the work you do right now.”

“Commit to achieving your goals, and others will support you. People are motivated to help those who are doing something to help themselves.”

“If you appreciate someone... Tell them.”

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