Monday, December 17, 2012

#LoveLife: Quotes (Autumn '12)

For the first time since launching this blog I went an entire month without a post. So, here is a month in review for both October and November's #LoveLife tweets. Feel free to leave a comment about your favorite(s). Stay healthy, focused and motivated... Happy holidays!


“Even the pillars of success need support… Be the foundation.”

“Every day is a new opportunity to do something historic.”

“If it's there for the taking it should be history in the making... Go get it.”

"A large part of telling your story is sharing what you've learned from listening to others.”

“All you need is one good reason to continue pursuing your goals - it outweighs 1000 reasons not to... Eyes on the prize.”

“Time is irreplaceable - Don't take it for granted, take advantage.”

 “If you lose a battle, keep fighting and win the war.”

“Faith is like imagination, it can take us places we've never considered possible.”

“Finish today proud of your accomplishments.”

“Set the bar high… And then step your game up.”

“Solid values attract solid people… Maintain your integrity.”

“A day off or the payoff - Here's your opportunity, what are you going to do with it?”

“Success exists in the ability to recognize your full potential.”

“A positive attitude isn't always easy to maintain, but one thing that it is: Priceless.”
“There's a thin line that exists between success and coming up short - it's called mental toughness... Be resilient.”

“Don't let satisfaction define success... Never settle.”

“Leaders may not always start at the front of the pack, but they work until they get there... Earn it.”

“Do it once, prove it's possible. Do it again, make it a habit. Do it consistently and you'll be legendary.”

“Regardless of the circumstances, one thing you'll always have control of is your attitude; keep it positive.”

“When you start to feel comfortable it's time for a new challenge... Success lives outside of your comfort zone.”

“The very first step in living with a positive attitude is thinking with one.”

“The only way to buy knowledge is paying attention.”

“Consistently productive: Eventually one thing at a time becomes a long list of accomplishments.”

“Whatever your passions, your relationship with them should be unconditional.”

“Wishing is for those unfamiliar with determination.”

“Don't just show up to be there - Show up to make a difference.”

“At some point we all hit a wall, but walls are to be broken down... Keep pushing.”

“Consistency is crucial - Be the metronome.”

“Work to the burn... Work through the burn.”

“Motivation can be like buried treasure. You may have to work to find it, but - keep digging - it's there and it's worth it.”

“True success exists with the individual who's able to realize they are nothing without their blessings.”

“Strength comes from within - Feed your passion for success by conditioning your mind, body and soul.”

“You're a product of your decisions; they reflect character. Think about what you want your choices to say about who you are.”

“Never accept a compliment without saying thank you. Stay humble; humility is a great quality.”

“Block it out, and ignore the distractions - Sometimes you just need tunnel vision, where all you can see is the finish line.”

“NBR: Nothing But Results.”

“Have faith - Your belief in something will give you light at the end of any tunnel.”

“Don't just look through your window of opportunity, take advantage of it.”

“Good decisions are empowering - Make the right choices and take control of your future.”

“The beautiful thing about sacrifice is the potential to discover something even better.”

“Progressive thinking: Keep your entrepreneurial spirit alive.  Challenge conventional wisdom & advance the game.”

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