Tuesday, October 16, 2012

#LoveLife: Quotes (September '12)

Here is the month in review for September's #LoveLife tweets. Feel free to leave a comment about you favorite(s). Stay healthy, focused & motivated... Success is right around the corner!


“If you can’t finish strong for yourself, do it for the people who depend on you; somebody does.”

“Success requires consistency, but routines lead to complacency.  Stay committed to challenging yourself.”

“Success doesn't necessarily define you, but the character you display when your back is against the wall always will.”

“Go above and beyond what your required to do. Not only will people notice, but it's what being a team player is all about.”

“First place is a great feeling, but great feelings don't win championships. Never settle; you can always get better.”

“Be more than just a face in the crowd - Be someone the crowd can respectfully acknowledge.”

“Dream big, but make sure your work ethic is worthy of those dreams.”

“Success lives on the next level; in order to achieve it you've got to go there.”

“T.G.I.F. True Greatness Is Forever - Seize your opportunity to make a lasting impression.”

“Determination can bring you success; it can also open doors to opportunities you may have never considered. Stay committed.”

“Your approach to social media should be to: Say something significant."

“At some point doubt will set in - Learn to believe in yourself, and you'll be fully prepared to overcome.”

“Embrace where you're at, work hard to get where you want to go and in the end you'll appreciate the outcome.”

“Don't demand of yourself the impossible... Consistently give everything you've got, and turn impossible into reality.”

“It's your legacy, make it historic.”

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