Thursday, September 6, 2012

#LoveLife: Quotes (August '12)

Here is the month in review for August's #LoveLife tweets. Feel free to leave a comment about you favorite(s). Stay healthy, focused & motivated... Success is right around the corner!


“Regardless of what you're doing, make your last repetition your best repetition; finish strong.”

“You're a reflection of the people you spend time with and the places you frequent; choose wisely & great things will happen.”

“Good habits are created with consistency – Taking steps toward improvement everyday will bring change in the form of success.”

“Body language & energy speak to attitude as much as words; express yourself with positivity in every way possible.”

“Go to war with whatever is challenging you; it will make you better & stronger.”

“You have the power to motivate and inspire others with your attitude and work ethic; positively make a difference today.”

“You'll always be your own worst critic; give yourself credit where credit is due.”

“It's amazing what a relationship with GOD and a little prayer can do.”

“Passionate people are successful – Find your passion, and guarantee success

“Missing out on something is difficult.  More importantly though, it should be motivation to work harder.”

“Change will happen when GOD feels you're ready for it. In the meantime, do everything you can to be prepared.”

“You don’t need a traditional schedule to make things happen… Just get it done!”

“I should be a fighter the way I ‘beat’ the sun up.”

“Being challenged is a privilege - A great opportunity to overcome and get better.”

“Think constructively; it will change your attitude, perspective and approach to life.”

“Sometimes coincidence isn't a justifiable explanation for the things that happen in our lives.  Have faith.“

“Eat for fuel, not to indulge… Your body will reward you.”

“There's nothing ordinary about extraordinary; exceed expectations.”

“Success doesn't recognize words like can't, won't & don't. It only knows words like can, will & do - Be positive and go get it.”

“When someone doubts them selves your response should be swift and encouraging.”

“It's one thing to sleep and recharge, it's another to sleep on opportunity.”

“Success never sleeps, but it does recognize effort.”

“Genuine: One of the best qualities a person can have.”

“Fight for success in every way possible.”

“The road to greatness starts with embracing a change in culture.”

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