Sunday, August 19, 2012

#LoveLife: Quotes (July '12)

Here is the month in review for July's #LoveLife tweets. As always, feel free to leave a comment about you favorite(s). Stay healthy, focused & motivated... Success is right around the corner!


“Whatever you craft, I challenge you to grind with so much dedication that someone refers to you as the “hardest working…”

“Laughing is one of the best ways you can start your day.”

“Don't just dream big, turn your dreams into reality.”

“Discipline over Temptation: Indulge in moderation, but not at the cost of sacrificing everything you've worked hard for.”

“Productivity builds momentum; momentum creates opportunity; opportunity leads to success.”

“You don't have to live outside the box to think there. Logically challenge conventional wisdom.”

“Everyday is a blessing, and a new opportunity to redefine your definition of hard work.”

“Your case of the Mondays is my first of seven opportunities to get better everyday.”

“I'd rather have to occasionally apologize for being passionate, than to indifferently live in mediocrity.”

“The outcome of your efforts begins with you. If you're not satisfied with the results, work smarter; work harder.”

“Don't be afraid of failure - Some of the greatest successes begin with learning from our mistakes.”

“It's not hard to have a positive attitude when you've been to rock bottom; maintain perspective.”

Success requires consistency; be relentless in your pursuit.”

“Dwell on the past and you'll live there.  Move forward and good things will happen.”

“Be respectful of others, and your surroundings; it makes a HUGE difference.”

“There's a quality that exists in everyone that fights adversity and wins; it's called perseverance. Make it a part of who you are.”

“Vacation is simply an opportunity to continue your pursuit of greatness in a different environment.”

“Surround the path you're traveling with the right people and it will become your road to success.”

“Talk it... Walk it... Live it.”

“There's no substitute for family - If you're fortunate to have one do everything you can to enjoy, appreciate and embrace them.”

“Lead the pack, but do it as if someone is on your heels. Never settle, not even for first place.”

“Be genuinely happy for the success of others, and use their achievements to help motivate you to reach your own goals.”

“Don't get too worked up and over-react. Take some deep breaths, and time to think about it.  You'll make a much better decision.” 

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