Sunday, August 19, 2012


Things happen for a reason...

At a Lugnuts' game, under circumstances that had me doing a job I have only done once during 70+ home games, I escorted world renowned motivational speaker, Eric Thomas to the mound to throw the game's first pitch.

As a speaker Eric has motivated, inspired and educated many people.  His travels have introduced him to countless recognizable individuals, and those interactions have surely been  documented.  Scrolling on his website are some of the photos from those interactions, and included with them is a picture of us at the Lugnuts' game.

Seeing this photo is almost as instrumental as the day it was taken. Considering my passions in life, I believe meeting Eric was fate. It's extremely powerful when things like this happen in our lives and it's important that we take advantage.

Here's a snapshot from


  1. God gives us wonderful talents and then pushes us to utilize them. Unfortunately, we don't always see and realize what He wants us to do but when we finally figure it out, tremendous things happen. Keep looking up for those signs and I pray that this "coincedence" proves to be the break you have been seeking.

  2. Thank you for your post - Everyday I continue to look up for those answers, and GOD continues to help me realize what he wants me to do; meeting Eric was part of that journey. Tremendous things are happening and I'm excited everyday to see what's next.