Wednesday, June 27, 2012

#LoveLife: Quotes (The Beginning)

During the last month I've been posting #LoveLife tweets almost daily. For those of you not familiar: the tweets are an extension of my brand which focuses on constructive management of mental health.
During the past five weeks I've complied 35 different tweets that relate to this focus. Please feel free to check them out, and leave a comment about your favorite(s).


“Behind every great man, there’s a greater woman.”

“Take time out to slow down and relax, even if it’s a Saturday night.”

“Be good to your microphone, and your microphone will be good to you.”

“Whatever you’re doing in this world, own it.  Act like you’ve been there before and make it yours.”

“Having silence broken by the sound of a lawnmower isn’t so bad when it means the sun’s out and fresh cut grass is in the air.”

“If you regularly work-out with ear-buds, challenge yourself by removing them and using your focus to fuel you.”

“Don’t lose sleep by sleeping on your to-do’s; be proactive.  Ease your mind by taking care of business.”

“Even on your ‘dark’ days someone is struggling harder.  Maintain perspective and keep the glass half- full.  Positive attitude.”

“Leg-Day: Instead of dreading it, work hard and take advantage of how sky high your confidence will be once you’ve finished.”

“Try watching the excitement on a little kid's face as they learn to ride their first bike and tell me it doesn’t make you smile.”

“Summertime & Baseball: Get to a ballpark and enjoy the atmosphere.  If not for the game, do it for the experience.”

“I keep my hats and belt buckles cockeyed… Find your style and express it with absolute confidence.”

“I have so much respect for parents that teach their kids manners and common courtesies: please, thank-you, a handshake, etc…”

“Be consistent but never settle for comfortable.  Challenge yourself by stepping outside of your comfort zone and getting better.”

“Never let your ego get in the way of building relationships; you never know who you’re going to meet and under what circumstances.”

“The ability to maintain perspective and a positive attitude after a tough day is priceless.”

“If you’re passionate, embrace it… It’s a quality that cannot be taught.”

“Eat your vegetables.”

“I do some of my best thinking post-workout.”

“Tweet thoughtfully: Include substance in your posts.  If they positively affect just one of your followers you’re making a difference.”

“Successful people read.”

“Confidence is attractive; arrogance is not. Be proud of your achievements, but do it with a sense of humility.”

“Happy Friday! Enjoy the weekend, but don't let it keep you from getting better everyday.”

“Figure out what makes you happy by taking full advantage of your strengths and applying them.”

“A clutter free and organized lifestyle helps to create the same sort of thought process.”

“Earning something through hard work is rewarding, so grind it out and enjoy the fruits of your labor.”

“Fight or flight: Finish strong, even if everything is telling you to stop. Perseverance is a great quality to have.”

“Find friends that bring out the best in you, and embrace your relationship with them.”

“Early bird gets the worm.  Be productive everyday from start to finish.”

“Utilize other motivated people and learn from them; their knowledge, drive, focus, etc…”

“Never stop developing your work ethic; strive to improve and out-do it on a daily basis.”

“God is constantly working his will in our lives; find a passion for his intentions.”

“Time management is a 24/7 job, and every second counts.  Don't sleep on opportunity.”

“Appreciate silence: Put away your phone, turn off the distractions and spend a few moments with just your thoughts.”

“The key to achieving your physical goals starts with what you put in your body. Get your nutrition right and eat healthy.”

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