Monday, April 30, 2012


Having faith is following blindly... Not knowing the future or necessarily understanding the past, but simply believing that there is a higher power in control. Through my job with the Lugnuts I  recently met someone, in such a way, that it can only be explained by randomness or faith; I prefer the latter.

The individual I met is Eric Thomas: (

A world-renowed motivational speaker, published author of the book, "The Secret To Success" and YouTube sensation with videos such as, "How Bad Do You Want Success?"

I was fortunate enough to have spent an hour with Eric this afternoon and even more blessed to have him offer his guidance and friendship moving forward. As someone passionate about sharing my story and pursuing a similar career, my only explanation for the power behind this awesome opportunity is divine intervention...


Things happen for a reason, and through our experiences we're given opportunities to work toward achieving our goals, but it starts with that ultimate question that Eric Thomas poses...

How bad do you want it?

Have faith, don't ever quit and do everything in your power to make it happen!

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