Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Where My Falcons At?

As a fan of sports & music this video takes a nice shot (pun intended) at incorporating the two, and even without ties to Bowling Green I still appreciate a couple of things about what it accomplishes.

1. From a business perspective the marketing is fresh. It's nice to see that hip-hop is not only recognized as culturally acceptable enough to use as such a broad form of promotion, but also as a main channel of expression for many basketball players and fans.

2. The generational gap and willingness of the donors to get on-board with this idea speaks to the character of these millionaires. Being from an era where hip-hop never existed takes a sense of humility, and it's really neat that these gentlemen were able to put the product first and not take themselves too seriously.

I'm a sports fanatic, and I love music; hip-hop culture has always been a passion. For so long that culture has been a part of sports, but existed in a taboo way that only players connected with. As the culture grows it's nice to watch society grow with it. This video is proof that hip-hop culture and the rap genre are a very real part of our everyday lives, and after so much negativity surrounding both for such a long time, it's great to see them used to bring people together.

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