Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Design Flaw...?

Once upon a time someone told me that when the city of Detroit built Comerica Park they installed the scoreboard incorrectly. I've been to a game, sat along the third base-line and felt like it was difficult to maintain a clear line of sight to the entire scoreboard; which is partially covered by the upper-deck overhang.

Plus there's the fact that a massive parking garage sits as the focus of Detroit's skyline, when just over the left-field wall, and beyond the scoreboard, are the red bricks of beautifully constructed Ford Field, and it's blue signing which illuminates at night.

Thinking three dimensionally it's easy to understand how this ballpark would look if the scoreboard were moved to the right. Not only would the parking garage no longer be visible, but the aesthetically pleasing Ford Field would be highlighted.

Although the idea of a more efficiently placed scoreboard is appealing, I can't help but feel the most appropriate ballpark in America to utilize the symbolism of a parking-garage is in the blue-collar city of Detroit. With all that being said if anyone can shed some light on this mystery it would be appreciated.

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