Monday, July 25, 2011


I set a goal many weeks ago with my motivation being a sub 19 minute finish at the Jeff Drenth Memorial 5k Footrace in Charlevoix during the Venetian Festival.

Not only did I manage to accomplish my goal, but my time was good enough for 23 third place overall in a race that featured almost 500 runners. In addition, I finished in first place while representing the ladder half of my 25-29 age group.

The 'Drenth Memorial' has become a family tradition in recent years, and so has the afternoon that follows... We run, watch a parade, relax under the sun, eat picnic food and enjoy the company of family and friends. This day as easily become my favorite of summer and on that I look forward to all year long. 

Check out this snapshot of the online results from the 25-29 age group...

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