Monday, June 6, 2011

Super Fan!

I know that the Dallas Cowboys are America's team. Translation: they have fans from coast to coast, and that includes Greenville, South Carolina.

Now, I have seen plenty of NFL promotional work highlighting the guys who paint their entire body, weather ridiculous conditions with a bare chest, show up hours before kickoff to tailgate and scream at the top of their lungs until their voice is gone...

The super fans.

Every team has got them, and these fans are always looking for a way to one up the competition with some sort of identifiably excessive way to prove their fan-hood. That includes customizing their automobile to be a gaudy campaign wagon on wheels. Wether it's the paint job, pennants streaming from the antenna or an interior covered in logos, these fans don't seems to care. 

In fact they are proud to a fault of their fan-mobiles that in actuality are rolling distractions waiting to cause a wreck due to rubbernecking. With that being said, check out the level that this Cowboy's fan has done to his car. 

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