Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Hamlin House

A network at your disposal can be a very nice luxury to have. Especially when it comes to utilizing that network for reasons like finding a place to stay while traveling. This specifically pertains to the 2011 Ludington Gus Macker Tournament and my lodging over the weekend.

Thanks to some special friends and their statewide basketball fraternity we were able to travel to Ludington without prior sleeping arrangements, and still find a very comfortable situation without spending a dime.

'The Hamlin House' - Located around Hamlin Lake as part of Tamarac Village:

Our weekend residence was loaned to our friend, Spencer Sellner, by friends of his family: The Hamlins. Mr. Hamlin's father was an original architect of this beautiful community which rests along man made canals that open into Lake Michigan.

The Hamlin's opened their home to us; we were offered their food and all of the amenities available at this quaint little summer-home. It was the most pleasant surprise being extended an invitation to stay here. Upon our arrival it was immediately obvious that the atmosphere created was just like visiting your grandparents.

The endless decorations that spoke to the vacation state of mind provided a very relaxing element to our stay. Not to mention the snacks upon snacks, and the overall setting of being in this waterside community that was accented by trolling boats and chirping wildlife.

We were so fortunate to have had such an awesome place to stay. To be well fed and sheltered without ever having to swipe a charge-card was more than I could have ever imagined. I did my best to appreciate everything about this special situation, including taking some 'me-time' to enjoy a post-run omelette on the deck while I listened to the birds.

We truly were blessed to have stayed at the 'Hamlin House' - Here is hoping that this becomes part of the annual tradition that is 'Macker' weekend for my friends and I.

Here are some of the photos from 'paradise'...

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