Wednesday, June 1, 2011


The business card is an important ingredient in the presentation and branding of one's image.

During my time as a student and employee at FSU I utilized a few different examples.

My first business card was issued to me as an advertising account executive with the athletic department. As a student it was great having a card I could use when introducing myself.

After finishing my work managing accounts I realized not just the importance, but the logic behind having a business card. It's a must! Especially in the business world, and even more so as a young professional attempting to brand yourself.

My experience with the athletic department card led me to my second business card. Designed in a sharp crimson red with the FSU torch, this card represented me once I reached the ladder half of my education as a Music Industry Management student.

As of this afternoon I picked up my most recent business cards. I really like them; The design is very classy. More importantly, I feel they accomplish exactly what was intended with the focus being personal branding and promotion of my website.

The 'BlakeVic' card will represent me during my search for full time employment, and very possibly may continue to be my business card of choice into the future.

Check out the evolution of my business card journey in the photos below, and feel free to comment on the design of the new card. I'm curious to know what people think.

Shout-out to Nate at the FSU Copy Center for his creative design of the BlakeVic card!
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