Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Baby Steps.

I enjoy new shoes, who doesn't? Pulling a fresh pair of kicks out of the box for the first time, and taking in the new shoe smell is similar to sitting down in a brand new car and taking a deep breath.

However, as much as I love new shoes I don't buy them that often. Particularly when it comes to running shoes. It's recommended that you replace your running shoes every 250 miles or so depending on a few different factors. I've been known to take my running shoes to the 500 mile mark where multiple blowouts usually occur.

This may not seem like much of an issue now, but I'm sure later in life I will probably pay the price. Your feet and joints take a terrible beating when it comes to running, and as someone who has already experienced multiple ACL surgeries, I would assume it's in my best interest to replace my shoes as recommended.

With that being said, I took a trip to MC Sports this evening with the intention of replacing both my running and basketball shoes which have remained in use long past the point of no return.

The basketball shoes were a very common purchase: size nine, per usual. The running shoes on the other hand caught me slightly off-guard. I've always known that both my feet and hands are fairly small for my body. Tonight's experience took me to a place that I have not been in 15 years however, as I bought a pair of Nike Lunarglides, size 8.5. I haven't worn that size since the seventh grade. 

Size aside, the Lunarglides seem to be a nice shoe; very comfortable. Moreover, it's important to remember that all shoes fit differently. Just because you wear one shoe at an 8.5 doesn't mean that is your size. Yet and still I cannot believe that as a grown man I purchased a shoe smaller than size nine.  To think that most middle school boys are already wearing shoes larger than me is... Well, no worries, as the title reads: Baby Steps! 

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