Thursday, June 23, 2011


During any Gus Macker weekend you can always count on the dunk competition to provide entertainment. This past tournament was no exception with, our friend, Bryan Pasciak attempting to defend his 2010 title. Although he fell short of keeping the crown he still supplied the crowd with some high-flying dunks that were arguably the best of the contest.

After the first couple of dunks the Pasciak supporters were under the impression that Bryan had retained his title. Especially after he jumped over two people that included a six foot six inch man. However, he was ultimately dethroned by the 'chair dunk' which helped earned first place.

Missing from the video is Bryan's attempt at a windmill off the backboard which he finished the day before wearing a pair of boat shoes. Had that dunk gone down there is no doubt in my mind that the victory would have been his.

Bottom line, the contest was a whole lot of fun! Here are the highlights:

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