Thursday, May 5, 2011

Heaven Sent.

Occasionally you see a tattoo that seems a bit over the top.

A prime example could be described as someone who has the words 'God's Gift' inked on themselves.

Aren't we all a gift from God...?

Is it necessary to have something like this written on your body?

Isn't it more gratifying to just know that life itself is a gift?

I understand the tattoo is more of a statement.

But what about someone with the first name, God's Gift?

Introducing newly committed St. Johns University Basketball recruit God's Gift Achiuwa.

Surrounded by siblings with names just as unorthodox, God's Gift is one of six Nigerian children born to parents Enunice and Donatus.

I like the name, It has meaning as well as substance.

It's not a nickname... It's his birth name.

The one on his certificate and the one his parents gave him.

Ultimately, every child is a gift from God. 

God's Gift Achiuwa just gets to wear the title...

And represent for the rest of us.

Read the ESPN story here:

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