Tuesday, March 8, 2011

TigerBlood: The Memphis Experience: Day Three (Saturday Night)


*After the game we went to The Flying Saucer Draught Emporium.

*Where they have over 200 beers on tap.

*These plates represent a customer who's drank 200+ beers @ Flying Saucer.

*The "champ" has 19 plates...
Almost 4000 beers.

*During dinner Mike bought and smoked a cigar.

*And our waitress claimed she's stronger than 95% of men.

*After dinner it was straight to Beale Street.
*Our first stop took us to Club 152.

*Apparently these beers are available at multiple bars for a couple bucks...

Our group elected to purchase $7 RedStripes and
$9.50 black label rum and cokes.

*At 152 we relaxed with the house band...

Who featured a very unique keyboard player that resembled John Lennon, and had fantastically odd body language.

*We moved down Beale Street
and had to make a decision.
*Silky O'Sullivans or Rum Boogie Cafe..?


After Dustin and Steve haggle our cover from $40 to $20.
(Dustin offers to sell Holland, MI bound bouncer his house for cheap cover in return.)

*The soulful sounds of the Rum Boogie house band:
"When A Man Loves A Woman"

*When inside we meet a bachelorette party.

*Mike continues his smoking for the evening by puffing a Virginia Slim with one of the ladies.

*We were also grenade whistled.

*One-upped by a guy who claimed he kills deer with a crowbar.

*And given a Hallmark size business card by singer Amanda Pollard.

*Then we rocked out to "Proud Mary"...
And met 'Cougar Linda' on the dance-floor.

*On to Coyote Ugly.
*Matt is rocking my flat billed New Era LA Dodger cap like a champ.

*Steve is walking away from girls that are attempting to coax men into buying them drinks.

*We're standing next to a 330 lbs. bodyguard wearing a shirt that says 'BAMF'.

*Mike is dressed in a 'ITALIA' soccer zip-up and engaged in conversation with a dietician about metabolism...

*And we are plotting on buying Mike a body shot.

*Mike is objectified by the bartender:

*First - He's given a shot of tequila and has the lime juice chaser 'bird fed' into his mouth.

*Next - He's bent over the bar and whipped with the metal buckle of a leather belt.

*And finally he has male genitalia drawn on his back with permanent marker.

*We were told for $20 is would be worth it...

And it was!

*We capped off Beale Street by returning to Club 152.

*Where we paid a $10 cover and were denied access to the VIP floor.

*Steve and Matt used their people skills to hustle us wristbands.

*We claimed to be an extension of the bachelorette party...

And it worked!

*Dressed in zip-ups, hoodies and ripped dress shirts we made our way into the VIP.

*We were surrounded by mirrors and ambiance.

*Matt and Brett were given a lesson in southern hospitality.

*Steve met a girl from Hope College...

And did some break dancing as we left.

*We returned home and ate 100 pizza rolls that we had to make in the oven because the newlyweds Matt & Deb do not have a microwave...?


*And then on the way home we saw this...

-GoodBye Memphis-

Thanks for the memories...

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