Tuesday, March 8, 2011

TigerBlood: The Memphis Experience: Day Two


*Mike woke up and went to breakfast...

He also left the door open; the temperature was 40 degrees.

*That afternoon we sat around the pool discussing the American dollar...
We determined that the weekend should be dedicated to spending the weakening buck.

*Eventually we toured Memphis' campus and athletic facilities...
(Matt works for the Tiger Athletics)

*Later we visited Memphis' Finest Barbershop so that I could get a quick line-up.

*Meet Rodney Boyd

*Thanks for the fresh line Rodney!

*My line inspired Mike. So I helped him out, Tom Brady cut.

*Then we relaxed before dinner, Mike wore a pink snuggie.

*That night we went to the world famous Corky's BBQ.

*Southern BBQ is amazingly delicious... And so are girls with southern accents.

*We later settled in at a local watering hole where Charlie Sheen was toasted for the first of many times over the course of the weekend.

*I was clowned about "Twitter Bombs" & introduced to a group of girls as a professional blogger.

*Steve tried 'Flat Tire' Beer and met Vienna from 'The Bachelor'

*Matt Bonner and the San Antonio Spurs lit up the Miami Heat.

*The house band took two hours to set up and then rocked 'Proud Mary'.

*And I ate leftover Corky's DryRub ribs in the back of Mike's minivan.

*On our way home we stopped by the famous Gibson's Donuts (6 for $1.40)

End Of Day Two...

-GoodNight Memphis-

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