Wednesday, March 9, 2011

TigerBlood: The Memphis Experience: Day One

Last Thursday I took a road-trip to Memphis with some friends, (Brett,Dustin,Mike & Steve), for a weekend visit with my brother Matt and sister in-law, Deb.

The experience was a fast paced intro to the south - Fueled by the desire to have fun.

The following posts include some memories and photographs from the weekend then has since been titled...

"Tiger Blood: The Memphis Experience"

*We began our travels watching 'The Hangover' - When the movie finished we passed a road sign that read:


*Mike jokingly ranted about finding a strip-club/casino combo & that women should only be allowed to drive pink or white cars.

*Ironically we encountered some phantom damage to Mike's minivan during trip.

*That same car also drove through a toll-booth without paying as well as a 55 mph construction zone going 70.

*Mike set a goal at 1:29... To stay awake until 1:30

*And at 4:45 we arrived:

*At 5am Matt walks around the parking-lot in circles shocked to see Steve made the trip.

*At 5:30 Steve uses a jet engine to blow up an air mattress & rescues Mike's pillow, jacket, cell phone & wallet from the hood of his van.

-GoodNight Memphis-

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