Monday, February 21, 2011

Protected by Viper, stand back!

This story was first brought to my attention via The Jim Rome Show.

Since then it has gained massive viral popularity and become a legitimately funded private project that the city of Detroit is giving consideration.

Following a Twitter response from Mayor Dave Bing that Detroit had no plans to follow through with an idea to honor RoboCop with a statue, A groundswell of donations were made that have currently exceeded the pledge goal of $50,000 by more than ten grand.

The intention, to erect a seven foot tall RoboCop statue on private land somewhere within the city that played home to the Sci-Fi giant during the self titled movie in 1987.

With more than 30 days remaining in the projects funding stages it appears that the statue is a very real possibility - offers a platform for those interested in assisting.

As long as this idea stays private and does not affect tax-payer dollars I think it's fantastic!

Check out the website that blasted-off the RoboCop viral campaign: -->

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