Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hope Breeds Creativity

Hope College located in Holland, MI is easily one of this countries collegiate treasures.

As a Division III college Hope offers students all kinds of opportunities to grow themselves through an intimate educational experience - Academically, socially, spiritually and of course athletically.

Long established as one the nation's premier Division III basketball programs, the Dutchmen of Hope College exceed expectations in every sense of the word regarding roundball.

From the historic memories and contributors of the past... To the beautiful DeVos FieldHouse that presents an incredibly awesome D3 atmosphere on games days, Hope basketball is an institution of its own.

And from that institution comes this entertaining highlight reel of trick shots.

This video may not be as significant as winning a National championship or being named an All-American, it's just proof that this extra special place located in West-Michigan gives truth to the saying.....

Hope breeds creativity!

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