Monday, January 10, 2011


This evening's NCAA National Championship game between Oregon & Auburn represents opportunity for the Ducks.

A chance for this trendy collegiate football program to share yet another variation of their uniforms with the world.

Tonight's nationally televised matchup will showcase Oregon wearing it's 13th different uniform combination this season.

A different ensemble for every game played:

With much of Oregon's development and funding being driven by 'The Phil Knight Project' (NIKE) and his massive contributions to the university, the Duck's football program inventories the following:

"four helmets, five jerseys, four pairs of pants, four sets of socks and four pairs of shoes. That creates a possible 1,280 combinations." ~~>
The uniform show is the BCS Title Game outfit and will be worn in tonight's contest. Considered a "single entity" specifically designed for this occasion, the uniform is highlighted by it's, never worn before, neon trim.


  1. After a second look I'm sticking with the classiest look: Black on Black.
    Also something about the Lime Green/Black. 1.Week Nine 2.Week Seven

  2. Nice uniform but socks looking wonderful with this uniform.
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