Monday, January 24, 2011

"The Right Thang!"

Last month a homeless man in Ohio named Ted Williams struck viral fame with his golden radio voice. The man who re-established himself with the help of YouTube quickly became a worldwide sensation and was recently the topic of a spot done by The Morning After.

Both Intern 'CookieMonster' and myself were asked to stroll the streets of Grand Rapids in search of West Michigan's next golden voiced radio talent. Our search took us to GR's very own Division street and a couple of different homeless "hang-outs".

The experience was eye opening - I appreciated our interactions with GR's homeless community. Initially, I approached the task with some skepticism, I was nervous that our search would consist of failed attempts to interact with cold and frustrated homeless people exhibiting bad attitudes about their predicament. I was wrong - It was the exact opposite.

We were welcomed with "open-arms" by multiple people who embraced our requests the same way they embrace their difficult situation: with a relatively positive attitude. Considering the spontaneity and conditions the spot went quite well. We entertained, had fun and learned a little bit too. Success!

Check out the Spot...

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