Friday, November 5, 2010

A Legacy Never Dies

Often times with sports we create strong bonds with our favorite teams and all that represents them. From the players and the stadiums they plan in - to the city that your team calls home - these mainstays significantly represent a pillar in many people's fan-hood.

In many situations, lost amongst a team's glamor-shot exterior, represented by superstars and their respective team's marketing machine, are the men behind the scenes - The Ernie Harwell's & Sparky Anderson's of the world.

Not that managing a Major League baseball team to a world championship, or spending a half century endearing yourself to the masses of MLB fans from the broadcast booth isn't superstar status, because it is, but as fans we take these very important, and not so glamorous, jobs for granted.

As players may spend only a few years representing a team, the position of manager and broadcaster offers an opportunity to play an extended role with an organization. Concerning the Detroit Tigers, SparkyAnderson & Ernie Harwell did just that.

As a Detroit Tigers fan I feel blessed to have been able to associate with two of the best that ever did it from the dugout and behind the mic. Anderson & Harwell are as much a part of my Tigers' memories as my first trip to Michigan & Trumbull, or watching Magglio Ordonez's ALCS clinching home run.

Anderson & Harrell: These men are legends. They successfully created a lasting impression that will never fade. The Detroit Tiger family lost them both in 2010, but thankfully a legacy never dies!

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