Tuesday, September 7, 2010


As expected the month of August was the busiest and best month of the year.

Many things went down in the span of 31 days....
I've highlighted some of the most significant:

1. The Venetian Festival (FootRace):

We closed out July with an extra special experience, where strong finishes in the Jeff Drenth Memorial were posted throughout our family. My Unlce Steve and brother both meddled in the 10K while I meddled the 5k, crossing the finish line at 19:15. (Top 20)

2. First Time West of the Mississippi:

I had never been west of the Mississippi River until EstesPark, Colorado. As I write this I'm nearly speechless, the scenery alone made the impression of a lifetime. I have a much better understanding for the "West" and its unique geography. All things considered, celebrating your little brother's wedding in Estes Park makes for a memorable experience, to say the veryl least. It was awesome!

3. Matt + Deb's Wedding:

This occasion should have had a blog post for each day; it provided a life time of memories. Even after all of the meticulous and detailed planning, the wedding went above and beyond expectations. The morning of the ceremony we did an amateur mountain climb to an elevation of around 10,000 feet which was exhilarating! We Spent the afternoon hanging out, laughing and taking pictures at the Delta Tera while we prepared for the ceremony. The wedding was beautiful; I had water works going the entire time. At the reception I rocked the Best Man speech and then we danced the night away.

4. OUCH!:

Traveling to Colorado we flew in two different planes and rode in two different cars. This totaled 8 hours of traveling and waiting, and I did it all with a cyst on my tailbone. Very very painful and uncomfortable. I rode in our rental car on the way to Estes Park curled up like a fetus in the back seat. Eventually I had an emergency surgical procedure performed in Estes. (painkillers and antibiotics got me through the weekend). Thanks doc.

No less than a week later I contracted a staph infection in the Ferris State weight-room by ripping open a bug-bite with a very dirty and infected weight. This introduced my body to MRSA Staph - aka - "the dreaded" as diagnosed by the Emergency Room doctor who opened up a crater in my leg while digging at the infection. 

5. Droid X: My 1st SmartPhone:

Welcome to the world of networking on the go. One word: efficient. The smartphone has flipped my world upside down, and I love it! Twitter, Facebook, email, etc... The Droid X is a great phone, it's customizable and easy to navigate. It may eventually lose its spot to the iPhone, but Verizon has been a legit provider thus far so consider me a satisfied customer.

6. InternShip: WSNX @The Morning After:

The majority of the month of August was dedicated to finding an internship, and I'm happy to say that I found one. WSNX 104.5 in Grand Rapids is a Top 40 station broadcasting to the greater Grand Rapids area. Through the help of some friends and a very assertive effort I was able to solidify a spot as an intern with WSNX's The Morning After.

For the past month I have spent a couple days a week in the studio during show hours: 6-10 am.
Lets just say that the 3:15am wakeup in order to make it to Grand Rapids by 5am is less than ideal. No worries though, it's the life of an intern.

Now, the good news - In just a month I've made moves. My assertive and mature approach to this career opportunity has allowed me to establish relationships with the right people, as well as get some on-air exposure!

I'm very excited about this opportunity and the possibilities it may present. As I've been telling others: "From BR to GR.... A step in the right direction!"

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