Sunday, September 19, 2010

"i am neurotic ( and so are you)"

I recently did some shopping @ Woodland Mall in GrandRapids. While there I visited Barnes & Noble and found a hidden treasure in the clearance section:

Lianna Kong's "i am neurotic (and so are you)"

My ongoing embrace of neurosis motivated me to buy this book, if for no other reason than pure entertainment. Plus it makes a great addition to any coffee table.

The book reads like children's literature and is described as

"A smorgasbord of anonymous confessions that revel people's deepest, strangest, and funniest compulsions."

Embracing our compulsions is the healthiest way of dealing with them. It allows us a very genuine and entertaining opportunity to be honest and laugh at ourselves. I think the key to embracing yourself with confidence is to keep it constructive. So, make an effort and be proud of your weirdness. 

Here are a few of my favorite neurotic tendencies from the book:

"I have a thing about numbers that end in zero. When I'm pumping gas, if it stops at $38.46, I have to get it to $39.00 even. If it's $39.01, I have to pump more to get it to $40.00. I may spend more money, but at least the numbers are even."

"Crumbs in ButterTubs or jars of jelly drive me crazy. I have perfected my spreading abilities to ensure that I never transplant crumbs into containers. When I lived with many roommates, I would write "NoCrumbs" on the lid of the butter container."

"When I'm shopping I will never buy the first product. I will always get the third or fourth one behind the first. I feel like the first product was touched and I don't want it."

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