Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Toast!

On Monday evening my brother married the love of his life in beautiful EstesPark, Colorado. I was honored to have been asked to participate in the ceremonies as his Best Man. The weekend was full of emotion and memories. Here is a sample from the Best Man's toast during the reception. Written and spoken by yours truly: Congratulations Matt & Deb!

"Hello everyone, my name is Blake, Matt's best man and older brother. Matthew and Debbie have asked me to say a few words this evening.

Yesterday… While I was walking back to the cabin that Matt and I have shared for the last couple of nights I came across "this" penny; heads up.

Many of us are aware that finding a penny heads up is supposed to bring good luck to whom ever finds that penny. Today…. I would like to try something different, and give this penny to the two of you...

And now I'd like to take it back.

You see... The two of you don't need luck.

And neither does your relationship.

What the two of you have is similar to the Rocky Mountains that surround us tonight. Just as these mountains represent a beautiful symbol of strength & stability… Your relationship embodies the very same qualities.

And…. Just as these Rockies Mountains have withstood the test of time...

There is no doubt in my mind that your marriage will do the same.

I love you both very much and wish you nothing but the best!"

Cheers: To Matt & Deb!

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